Moontower Ball is Notley’s annual gala event, honoring Austinites driving community impact.

February 4, 2023

JW Marriott Austin

Moontower Means Community

The world’s only remaining Moontowers cast light across Austin, Texas where they’ve become an iconic symbol of community gathering.

Austin is for Changemakers

Austin’s community-centered ethos cultivates changemakers – leaders creating a more equitable landscape for all.

Moving Forward Together

Notley convenes changemakers across for-profit and nonprofit industries to maximize impact and support systemic change.

Join Us Under the Moontower

The 2023 Moontower Ball will serve as a beacon to honor changemakers and illuminate our community’s successes.

“When we take time to highlight changemakers, we show the world that working toward progress deserves a spotlight.”

Lisa Graham
Notley Co-Founder & CEO